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The Most Beloved Start-up Wish, Quick Hiring !!!

According to The Startup Genome Project, premature scaling happens when entrepreneurs start “focusing on one dimension of the business and advancing it out of sync with the rest of the operation”. As per Nathan Furr article publishes in Forbes, Premature scaling is a common problem, with some analysts claiming that it accounts for 70% of start-up failures. Companies adopt quick hiring when they bring on new people, spend money, and try to acquire more customers before they’ve really nailed down the product/service and business model.

New business owners want to see the fastest growth possible for their start-ups. And they see the rapid expansion of teams and quick hiring as one of the driving forces behind their progress. Moving too quickly at this time, though, can eventually cause your company to collapse. There are many surveys which shows that that one of the primary causes of start-up failure is hiring of a mismatched workforce.

In this blog, we’ll go through how to find a top-notch dream team and prevent recruitment flaws.

Hiring too fast can damage irrecoverable damage to your brand and impact all 3 important pillars of your organization – Reputation, Margins and Culture.

Lowering Hiring Standards

The quick hiring and fulfilment can lower existing standards of organization and brand value. Hasty decisions result in situations where workers are hired solely to fill seats and fill available positions as quickly as feasible. As a result, hiring criteria are dropped, and the business is left with workers that lack the knowledge, experience, or motivation to advance within the company.

Impact on Organization Culture

Rapid hiring based on impulsive judgments could harm organizational culture, even if your workforce currently consists of strong individuals who embrace your company’s key principles.

Impact on Margins

If you hire too many people without doing much planning, your business’s expenses can become overwhelming and its earnings won’t be enough to support them. Given such circumstance, it doesn’t require an expert to figure out that a newly established company has slim prospects of surviving.

There are few tactics MUST be applied to prevent damages caused by hasty recruitment, and to improve the effectiveness and safety of hiring process.

Define Process and engage your Seasoned Leaders

It’s preferable to concentrate solely on one task at a time. If you’re hiring from various locations, for instance, focus on one location first before moving on to the next or build separate team for each location to increase focus. Including more seasoned leaders from current team is a terrific idea and assign them the duty of growing their teams. You must, obviously, respect their opinion. The shared responsibility with trusted team can prevent making hasty hiring decisions.

Build a Strong Hiring Team

Hiring is not a part time job, it requires skill, right approach, observation capabilities. While it’s true that recruiters can provide value by helping organizations find and recruit top-notch talent, not all recruiters are great. A great recruiter has the potential to help transform your organization in new and exciting ways by providing outstanding value during the search and hiring process. Recruiter should be knowledgeable, knowing the market in which they work, including the competition, the best candidates, and the emerging trends. The recruiter should be knowing your vision, mission, core values and culture of the organization. They help in building careers of individuals while working for their own organization. A great passion towards serving the organization and empathy to consider future of candidate is MUST.

Diversified Hiring team

When there are peaks and valleys in hiring plan, you should utilize contractors and freelancers as hiring full time team can burden overall budget, especially when requirements are low. Having a diversified team composed of part-time employees, full-time employees, and independent contractors is also a good idea because they may work on various projects.

Identify Actual Requirement

Understanding your business need and identify the actual requirement should be first step in hiring process. Hiring team must take time and carefully evaluate company’s actual demand. The time spent in evaluation process initially would end up saving a lot of time and cost in the long run. If you want to have effective expansion, set the timelines and define milestones, create a step-by-step plan and segregate the qualitative and quantitative metrics to evaluate progress. It would bring agility in Supply and demand of hiring process, and avoid overhead expenses.

Define Candidate Persona

Defining candidate persona, roles & responsibilities along with precise job description increases the likelihood of finding right candidates. However, Sometimes you may have to broaden your search for potential hires and look into diverse talent pool. The approach to make prospective talent pool can help to work with applicants from more backgrounds, with a range of experiences, and perhaps at a lesser cost as well.

Candidate Secondary Skills Matters

To achieve goal of quick hiring, start-ups usually overlook the value of secondary skills in candidates. Employers should look for applicants with a range of degrees, certifications in related subjects, or work history in diverse industries. Even while start-ups often require a minimal degree of competence, acquiring individuals with a variety of supplementary abilities can aid with future challenges.

Challenge Candidates during evaluation

We should challenge candidates with few questions which are not part of given job description to observe their handling of pressure situations. It doesn’t matter if a candidate provides the right response; what matters is that you will hear what they think and observe how they act. We can learn a lot about candidate interpersonal skills and work habits by asking them challenging scenario-based questions and watching how they respond.

Finding Candidate Personality

Although having a solid resume is beneficial, only individuals with a tough personality can succeed in business despite adversity. Asking a question like, “Tell me the most critical scenario you experienced at work and how you solved it?” can demonstrate integrity, Answers will show whether the person is even aware of what a “critical scenario” is and whether they are capable of handling such problems.

Communication and Confidence Check

Ask candidates to explain a professional topic in simple terms to a non-expert. It’s crucial to be able to communicate with people who are not experts, such as clients or team members from other departments. Only true experts who have a thorough comprehension of their subject can simply describe it. When rapid mass hiring bypasses cultural fit checks, assessing candidate communication and confidence becomes crucial for effective evaluation.

Sharp Onboarding Process

Spend as much time as you can on onboarding and training if you want your prospective workers to blend in. Meanwhile, You should start investing in each of your applicants if you want your company to succeed. And by investing, we mean giving them all the knowledge, training, tools, and assistance they require to advance within business. You’ll see that it’s a fantastic step for business sustainability over time, so have faith in it.


Great organizations are not created by chance; rather, they are the result of the labor, passion, and dedication of a powerful, devoted leader and creative workforce. If you need to quickly assemble a team and are getting ready to launch a product, start-up, or idea, you must develop a well-thought-out hiring strategy. You should be aware of the core team’s strengths and limitations that will assist you in massive hiring. Founders shouldn’t be too proud to approach people on different levels, and freely seek for assistance. It is strongly encouraged to assemble the best team inside a carefully thought-out approach since there is no greater investment than this.

At i-Qode Digital Solutions, we provide staffing and other human resources services, using an operating model that relies on the expertise of recruiters who have themselves worked in the industry sectors they support. That higher level of knowledge leads to better vetting of candidate skills and experience resulting into better matches of job candidate to job. We bring years of experience influencing our clients’ businesses by finding top talent for roles in clinical research, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotech, food and nutrition sciences, consumer products and chemical.

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