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AI Unleashed: 8 Ways It’s Rewriting Recruitment Rules

But humans still make the final call. How to leverage AI in recruitment for transformative hiring strategies. It’s not about replacing jobs. It’s about enhancing the capabilities of Recruitment professionals. Let’s dive deeper: 1. Automation is our New Best Friend Imagine a world where tedious tasks don’t exist. Screening resumes? Automated. Scheduling interviews? Handled by […]

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Health Economics in Shaping the Future of Healthcare | i-Qode

The Increasing Importance of Health Economics in Shaping the Future of Healthcare

The Increasing Importance of Health Economics in Shaping the Future of Healthcare In the rapidly evolving landscape of global healthcare, the significance of health economics has never been more pronounced. As healthcare systems worldwide grapple with the challenges of limited resources, increasing demand, and the need for sustainable, equitable access to high-quality care, the principles […]

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Gamification in Recruitment: Engaging Candidates for Success

Introduction: In today’s competitive job market, recruiters are constantly seeking innovative ways to attract top talent and assess candidates effectively. Enter gamification in recruitment – a strategy that leverages game mechanics to engage candidates and evaluate their skills. From virtual reality simulations to interactive assessments, gamification has revolutionized traditional hiring processes. In this blog, we’ll […]

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Recruitment Vs. Sales

Sales Vs. Recruitment ?

Sales Vs. Recruitment ? A question I get asked all too often is what’s the difference between a recruiter and a sales person? It’s essentially the same or similar role right?  Recruiters and business developers often work in target driven environments, they cold call and prospect for new business. They work long hours in return […]

The Impact of Prolonged Hiring on ROI

The Revenue Drain: How Prolonged Hiring Cycles Impact ROI

Introduction: In the dynamic business landscape, understanding the impact of hiring cycles on ROI is crucial. The time taken to hire not only significantly influences an organization’s bottom line but also reflects its strategic adaptability amidst the unprecedented global labour shortages. This blog explores the intricate relationship between prolonged hiring cycles and ROI. It also […]