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AI Unleashed: 8 Ways It’s Rewriting Recruitment Rules

But humans still make the final call. How to leverage AI in recruitment for transformative hiring strategies. It’s not about replacing jobs. It’s about enhancing the capabilities of Recruitment professionals. Let’s dive deeper: 1. Automation is our New Best Friend Imagine a world where tedious tasks don’t exist. Screening resumes? Automated. Scheduling interviews? Handled by […]

Life Sciences
Life Science Services | i-Qode

Shaping Healthcare’s Future: The Evolution of HEOR

Introduction The evolution of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR) plays a pivotal role in healthcare, influencing decisions to achieve a balance between cost and clinical effectiveness. This field has witnessed significant evolution, adapting to advancements in healthcare technology, policy changes, and shifting patient needs. This article explores the historical development, current state, and future […]

The Impact of Prolonged Hiring on ROI

The Revenue Drain: How Prolonged Hiring Cycles Impact ROI

Introduction: In the dynamic business landscape, understanding the impact of hiring cycles on ROI is crucial. The time taken to hire not only significantly influences an organization’s bottom line but also reflects its strategic adaptability amidst the unprecedented global labour shortages. This blog explores the intricate relationship between prolonged hiring cycles and ROI. It also […]

Internal GPT

Internal GPT: The Game-Changer CEOs Can’t Ignore!

Introduction In the dynamic landscape of artificial intelligence, Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPT) are paving the way for innovation. At i-Qode Digital Solutions, our expertise in Deep Learning, AutoML, and Large Language Models (LLMs) allows us to recognize the transformative potential of GPT models, particularly when integrated within organizations as Internal GPT. This approach not only […]