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Recruiters hear three major complaints on a daily basis: hiring managers putting someone on hold and asking for more profiles. Second, the hiring manager is not providing timely feedback. Third, the offer was not released on time, so the candidate moved on to another company. All of this are blockers for recruiters to move forward, making them ineffective in the hiring process. Even though they have done their part, it is usually a dead end for them.

We are here to find what can be the solution for known problem, and in this case, recruiting data serves as a form of defense against these industry roadblocks. It’s possible to accomplish two goals at once with available recruitment data. Our hiring managers and clients will be more likely to move and will have a better understanding of our process if we provide them with data that shows them how unreasonable what they are looking for is. Furthermore, if we are the only ones at the table who have data, we control the conversation and the mighty management table.

Since data is the only language that everyone at the management table speaks, we should put conscious efforts to educate our recruiters and sourcing team how to communicate with management using this data. In the absence of data, management only sees the ineffectiveness of the recruitment team and recruiters rather than appreciating their efforts.

Of course, where most people stumble is in deciding which data to use.

Relevance of Market Intelligence Data

Market intelligence with the appropriate metrics and data points is unquestionable since it reflects the reality of the available prospects in the market. This data should be provided at review meetings, and stakeholders should be briefed on and given an explanation of the factors, including the market demand, salary range, and available talent. There are different sources from which this data can be obtained including job portals, social media channels like Linkedin, and most important own organization past data on working on similar kind of requirements.

We can take an example of immediate requirement of Java Microservices developer for Bengaluru location. The recruitment team utilized Monster, Naukri, Linkedin, and personal recommendations, but they were unable to mobilize enough candidates for interviews. The hiring manager sees Java as a skill that is easily acquired and does not consider it a difficult position. Therefore, he is not choosing a candidate because, in his opinion, the market has talent available and he anticipates additional candidates for evaluation. On the other side, recruiters believe that applicant supply is less than demand and expecting immediate action on shared candidates to assess and onboard them. For hiring managers and recruiters, this is a deadlock situation that they encounter frequently. The logical way to break this impasse is for hiring managers to be aware of supply and demand figures as well as timelines.

To collate data in similar situation, Naukri/Monster can serve as an aggregator to assist in defining the talent pool, market demand for required skills, and salary scales, while Glassdoor can be used to find employer review. To determine the proportion of prospective applicants who join after an offer is made, LinkedIn analytics can be used.

With all this data, we can answer some of the most frequent queries of stakeholders which rapidly turn open requirement fulfilment into roadblocks for us, such as time to onboard and salary budget.


Since everyone involved is on the same page, expected timelines may be addressed and mutually agreed upon. Everyone is also aware of the dearth of potential candidates who are qualified. A sense of urgency can be conveyed when a candidate profile is sent to a hiring manager. Commercials can be challenged based on accessible information when the hiring manager makes a counter offer that is way too low. The entire procedure is transparent and functioning like a well-oiled machine.

The i-Qode Digital Solutions is the leading IT Services and Talent Solutions company. We strongly believe that everyone is talented; Our purpose is to establish right connections between right opportunities and right talent by enhancing employability and providing access to opportunities. Our talent solutions and IT services assist our clients to achieve their objectives by optimizing their talent requirements and organizational frameworks. While our engagement and strong commitment to functioning responsibly strives to build “a better world of work for all”.

What information do you bring to a Hiring review meeting to expedite the process?

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